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Company Fishing Trip

TranPak once again conducted another company-wide retreat. This time, the TranPak crew went deep sea fishing at Avila Beach, California. Starting early in the morning, the crew set out in hopes to catch a lot of fish to take home.

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New Sales Support Representative

As our business continues to grow, we are happy to welcome Kaelyn Grigorieff as our new sales support representative.

Kaelyn Grigorieff - Sales Support
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New Logistics Manager

TranPak is happy to welcome Logan Airheart as our new Logistics Manager. 

Logan Airheart - Logistics Manager
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TranPak At The 2017 World Ag Show

Last week, TranPak once again exhibited at the World Ag Show, located in Tulare, CA. Our main highlights were our plastic agricultural bins and handheld containers. Even with all of the morning fog and occasional rain, our representatives were always ready with a smile on their face to welcome anyone coming by our outdoor booth.

TranPak at the 2017 World Ag Show
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IBCs for the SnowGlobe Festival

Typically, our intermediate bulk containers are used for the storage and shipping of liquid substances. They are often used in the chemical and agriculture industry.

However, a very different industry has found a unique use for the IBC's. Recently, The SnowGlobe New Year's Festival, based out of Lake Tahoe, used the IBC's to creat a large synchronized lighting display.

IBCs at the SnowGlobe Festival
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TranPak Safety Warrior - John Valles

TranPak has once again chosen another employee as a Safety Warrior. This time around was John Valles. John has been recognized for his positive attitude and communication skills. He has shown in many occasions of being a team leader by encouraging others on the team and giving praise reports on certain individuals who are going beyond their duty.

TranPak Safety Warrior John Valles
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Walnut Show 2017

Since TranPak has served the walnut industry for many years, TranPak decided to exhibit at the Walnut Show located in Yuba City, CA. Highlighted at the show were our plastic pallets, and our wildly popular Cyclone Plastic Hopper Bin.

TranPak Book at 2017 Walnut Show
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TranPak's 2016 Christmas Potluck

It is once again that time of year. Where all of TranPak gathers for a Christmas potluck. Every year, we notice how much the TranPak family continues to grow. During this time, we love to give thanks to everyone involved in making TranPak the company it is today. With plenty of food and cheer to go around, we celebrate another wonderful year of growth, and look forward to what 2017 will bring.

TranPak's 2016 Christmas Potluck
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TranPak At The 2016 Almond Conference

After serving the almond industry for many years, TranPak decided to exhibit at the Almond Conference located in Sacramento, CA. Highlighted at the show were our plastic pallets, and our now famous Cyclone plastic hopper bin.

TranPak Book at 2016 Almond Conference
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TranPak Safety Warriors

TranPak takes workplace safety very seriously. Our warehouse manager Steven Mora has made it his personal mission in ensuring that all of our employees are working as safely as possible. If there are any incidents on the job, no matter how small, TranPak will make sure the injured employee is well taken care of, with numerous first aid kits on site, and a workers compensation program to pay for all doctor/hospital visits.

TranPak Safety Meeting
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