Customer focus

Customer Focus
We Are Focused on our customers
For over 20 years, we have prided ourselves on being one-of-a-kind in the material-handling industry. Our mission has, and will always be, to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our business philosophy is different. Instead of pushing products out to the market, we create very close relationships with our customers. We listen to what they need. We commit to them what we can develop, and we deliver those products. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs.
Roots in distribution / leading to manufacturing
Initially, TranPak was founded as a wholesale distribution company for material handling products. We evolved. We started in distribution and moved up stream and became a manufacturer. That gave us a unique prism to view our customers and their needs. Instead of telling our customers what they need, we allow our customers to tell us what they need, and we deliver it. By being customer focused we have been able to learn from our customers’ needs, understand the limitations of products in the current market, and work directly with our customers to develop products that satisfy their specific needs.
deliver innovation
In order to satisfy our customers’ needs we need to be innovative. There are many products that we create for our customers that do not exist in the current market. We are constantly developing “new” products every day. Our innovation comes from our customers’ requests. We listen and seek out the possibilities to create. This drives us and makes TranPak who we are.
the two models of tranPak
The goal is to DELIVER the best and broadest selection of plastic material handling products for transportation and storage.
Bring INNOVATION to material handling by developing size specific pallets, tool-less molding, and manufacturing techniques that make new products possible.
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