Added Value

TranPak’s Value To Your Operation

TranPak molds value into every reusable plastic pallet & container. And that value is captured with every use during their life cycle.

In today’s market pallets are viewed as a cost. They are purchased at the cheapest rate possible. This negatively impacts many facets of operations, because cheap wood pallets have a greater cost over their life cycle than plastic.

Wood Pallets Are More Expensive Than Plastic Pallets

The typical lifecycle of a wood pallet is roughly 5 trips. Compared to a reusable plastic pallet lifecycle of 100 trips, you are getting 20x more use.
wood vs plastic chart

Plastic Pallets And Containers Create Value

Value for Operations - reducing cost per cycle.

Value for the Environment - reducing the amount of wood pallets sent to landfill.

Value for Green Supply Chains - reducing number of trucks in and out replacing wood pallets.

Value that is Sustainable – Broken plastic pallets are recyclable
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