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Eliminate Waste Through Our Recycling Program

In efforts to build towards a more circular economy, TranPak recycles tens of millions of pounds of plastic scrap waste annually. We use this material directly in products we manufacture such as plastic pallets.

Our customers achieve zero waste progress working with us. We identify opportunities for them to recycle rigid plastics whether it’s broken pallets, bins, or other industrial scrap.

If you have a recycling opportunity you would like to share with us we can help.

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Our Plastic Recycling Process

Step 1: Collection of Used Plastic Pallets
In the first crucial step of our plastic recycling process, we actively engage in the beginning stages of circular economics by collecting used plastic pallets from various sources. These pallets may come from industries, warehouses, or distribution centers, forming the initial stage of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Step 2: Sorting and Inspection
Once gathered, the collected plastic pallets undergo a meticulous sorting and inspection process. Our dedicated team ensures that only suitable pallets, free from contaminants and non-plastic material, are selected for the recycling journey. This step is vital in maintaining the quality of the recycled material.
Step 3: Grinding into Regrind
With the sorted plastic pallets in hand, we proceed to the grinding phase. Utilizing advanced machinery, we finely grind the pallets into small, consistent particles known as regrind. This process not only facilitates easier handling, but also sets the stage for the next transformation.
Step 4: Molding Process
In the heart of our plastic recycling initiative lies the state-of-the-art plastic pallet molding machine. The regrind material is carefully fed into the machine, where it undergoes a precise molding process. High temperatures and pressure are applied, reshaping the regrind into durable, brand-new plastic pallets.

Step 5: Quality Assurance
Quality is paramount in our commitment to sustainability. Every newly molded plastic pallet undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets industry standards. This step guarantees that our recycled plastic pallets not only contribute to environmental conservation, but also maintain the high performance expected in industrial settings.
Step 6: Final Inspection and Packaging
Before reaching our clients, each recycled plastic pallet undergoes a final inspection. This ensures that the product is defect-free and ready for use. Once approved, the pallets are carefully packaged, ready to embark on their second life, supporting both your logistical needs and our shared environmental goals.
Taken Steps to a circular economy
By following these systematic steps, we strive to close the loop on plastic waste, offering an eco-friendly solution without compromising on quality and performance. Our plastic recycling process is a testament to our dedication to a circular economy and sustainable business practices. 
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