Sustainability is a Core Business Ethic at TranPak

We promote reusable systems in order to reduce waste, and improve our environment.

Industry Custodians: We collect and recycle millions of pounds of plastic pallets and bins that would otherwise be idled or landfilled. This generates a continuous loop for our material.

Innovative Development: We are constantly developing new products that will provide a longer term solution than the current one, for generations to come.

Setting An Example: We are proud to set such a good example of how a business can achieve success by being sustainable.
sustainability when manufacturing plastic pallets
Manufacture Plastic Pallets

– Net Zero Scrap
– Use Energy Efficient Machines
Recycle Plastic Pallets

– Collect End-of-Life Plastic Pallets
– Set Industry Example
Fabricate Plastic Pallets

– Achieve High Reusability
– Design Easily Recyclable Products
– Use Common Industrial Waste
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