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TranPak is an ISO certified manufacturer of plastic pallets and bins. We provide best in class distribution of a large selection of export pallets, reusable pallets and containers, and unique pallets and bins. We manufacture injection molded pallets and unique sized pallets and bins. We also work with a wide variety of industry partners to source proven products. We believe in customer satisfaction, quality construction, and excellent service.
Product Development
We believe in rapid development cycles and robust design requirements. Our innovative approach to product development gives our customers the opportunity to test prototypes and optimize designs. Many times, we can develop new products with no upfront investment. By working closely with our customers, we quickly develop products that work well.
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Our plastic material handling products are in-stock and ready to ship. They have been carefully chosen, inspected, tested, and reviewed in order to satisfy your requirements. We ship from four locations in the United States, Madera, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, St. Louis, MO, and Atlanta, GA.
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Plastic molding
TranPak has over 25 years of experience capitalizing on the benefits of a wide variety of plastic molding techniques. We specialize in structural foam injection molding and in house plastics fabrication. We work with industry leaders to develop designs for products using injection, rotation, and thermoform molding processes.
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Plastic Pallet Recycling
When your pallets and bins reach their end-of-life, we will recycle them. TranPak recycles millions of pounds of plastic scrap waste annually. We use this material directly in the products we manufacture. We identify opportunities for our customers to recycle rigid plastics whether its broken pallets or other industrial scrap in an effort to be more environment-friendly.
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