FAQ What Are The Benefits Of Export Shipping With Plastic Pallets?
iSPM 15 exempt for international shipping
TranPak offers inexpensive plastic pallets of different dimensions that are ISPM 15 exempt, which makes them ideal for the use of export shipping.

What is ISPM 15, you ask? It is an International Phytosanitary Measure developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that directly addresses the treatment of wood materials used to ship products between countries. The purpose of this measure is to prevent the international transport and spread of disease and insects. Learn more about ISPM 15.
Plastic pallets are more Efficient than wood
Products that are shipped internationally on wood pallets must be heat-treated or fumigated and stamped with a mark of compliance. If the wood pallet does not conform to these international requirements, the product they carry will not be shipped. Not so with plastic pallets.

Even if a shipment on heat-treated wood pallets is ISPM 15 compliant, but does not have the corresponding proper documentation, it can still be delayed at customs on the receiving end. Because plastic pallets are exempt from the ISPM 15 certification requirement, they are a much more efficient alternative for your export shipping.
CPP-336 48x48 Plastic Pallet - Deal for export shipping and distribution


TranPak offers the best alternative for handling your international shipments. Plastic export pallets, such as our Nitro-2 48×40, are a great low cost alternative for your shipping and exporting needs. See our range of plastic export & shipping pallets or contact us for assistance.

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