Drive-in Racking for Pallets

FAQ Racking Styles for Pallets Drive-in Racking for Pallets

Overview of Drive-in Racking

This style of racking is popular for high storage efficiency where space is at a premium. It offers the most efficient space storage utilization.
Unlike the flow racking system, drive-in racking is always last-in, first-out. Due to this, it’s typically used in high pace operations where pallets are going in and out of the racking very quickly.
The racking area is typically a clear span and is usually a 40″ span, especially in the United States. The supports that hold the edge of the pallet are usually very small, 1 to 1.5 inches. Because of weight restrictions caused by the small supports and clear span, drive-in racking is the hardest racking application for plastic pallets.


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