Standard Racking for Pallets

FAQ Racking Styles for Pallets Standard Racking for Pallets

Overview of Standard Racking

Standard racking is the most common racking style in warehouses today and is also known as edge racking or selective racking.

The rack consists of two upright steel frames connected by two horizontal steel beams, which the pallets rest on. This is where all edge racking capacities comes from. The empty space between the two racking beams is called a clear span.

Sometimes, for safety, companies use a 2×4 support beam or a wired deck to allow pallets with lower weight capacities to be used.

drive-in racking

A wired deck also helps prevent any smaller products from falling through the clear spans.

Standard racking provides direct access to all stored pallets allowing the advantage of handling one pallet without the need to move others.


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