FAQ What is a GMA pallet?
Grocery Manufacturers association
What is a GMA pallet? First of all, GMA stands for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which has been very active in America since 1908. Their main purpose is to help mobilize packaged consumer goods around the US and ensure that healthy affordable food options are available to everyone.
What is GMA Pallet?
As part of their efforts to make distribution operations smoother, the Grocery Manufacturers Association recommended a standard pallet footprint of 48″x40″. Pallets of these dimensions are now commonly referred to as GMA pallets and are widely used in North America and beyond. In fact over 30% of pallets produced in the US each year use this recommended pallet footprint.
the GMA is ISO approved
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) also recognizes this pallet size and has approved it as one of the top 6 pallet dimensions globally.

The Ranger 48×40 is a popular example.
advice for choosing pallets


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