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Global Pallet Forecasts To 2017

Global pallet sales are predicted to rise 5% per annum until 2017 after the relatively slow pace of 2007-2012. This increase in demand for pallets is forecast to come from North America, Western Europe and China in particular.

The Asia Pacific region led by China is set for the biggest gains of all markets averaging 7% annually up to 2017. Sales in the region will be driven by increased demand as more pallets are being used to reduce damage of goods and increase overall efficiency.

Plastic Pallets

The demand for plastic pallets is expected to grow more than other pallet types in most markets around the world. This is due to the fact they’re easy to clean, are very strong and reusable, do not contaminate food and beverage products and are recyclable.  Plastic pallets can be used for years and offer an attractive return on investment if utilized correctly.

TranPak Poised to Meet Demand

With our industry knowledge, superior plastic pallets, strategic partnerships and new larger premises, TranPak is here to meet the demands of the market.

Whatever your material handling needs are, please contact us so that we can help you. We offer next day delivery from our distribution centers around the country.

TranPak (800) 827-2474

Learn a lot more with our short guide to pallets.

To find out more about global pallet forecasts up to 2017, please click here (will open in new window)

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