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GMA Announces to Relaunch as Consumer Brands Association

gma relaunch and change to cba

GMA Relaunch

The Grocery Manufacturers Association. (GMA), an Arlington, Virginia-based trade association representing some of the biggest producers of food, beverages and other packaged consumer goods, has announced it will become the Consumer Brands Association (CBA) in January 2020.

GMA Will Become The CBA

The 110-year old organization is going through a major overhaul as of 2018 since the GMA lost 11 of its biggest company-members over philosophical differences. For those unaware, the GMA’s main purpose is to help mobilize packaged consumer goods around the US and ensure that healthy affordable food options are available to everyone. The new agenda represents the broader interests of a modern consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, by focusing on four core pillars: enhancing packaging sustainability, championing smart regulation, creating frictionless supply chains and building trust in CPG.

Read more about the GMA relaunch here

To learn more about how the GMA affects the pallet industry, read our FAQ on the GMA standards for plastic pallet here.


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