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Grape Crate

Item No. 401111
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Grape Crate agricultural plastic crates are great picking crates for produce
Grape Crate agricultural plastic crates in white
Dimensions: 20"x16"x6.00"
Weight: 2lbs
Gallons: 7
Load Capacity: 21.00lbs

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  • Sturdy, durable container will handle years of use
  • Efficient vents for optimal cooling
  • Won’t absorb moisture
  • Easy 180˚ stack/nest feature
  • Smooth interior
  • UV stabilizer

"I can't say enough good things about the grape crates you provide us. The market vendors appreciate their convenience. Even fully loaded, anyone can handle them (they don't get exceptionally heavy!). They're lightweight, nest for storage, and stack for transport. Even the ones that are four years old are still showing no signs of wear" - Roger B Fetter, State College Rotary Club Downtown

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