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Item No. 400424
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OmniCrate fully vented handheld plastic crate
Dimensions: 24"x15"x7.00"
Weight: 3lbs
Gallons: 9
Load Capacity: 40.00lbs

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The OmniCrate is a wonderfully versatile plastic crate that works well in a wide variety of industries and uses. Its flexible ordering options and solid design make the OmniCrate one the most adaptable on the market.

  • Crates can be ordered solid, fully vented, or with only the bottom or sides vented
  • Various color avalability and embossing options make identification and sorting of your crates easy
  • Nesting-ratio and footprint allow for efficient stacking and storage as well as use on standard pallets
  • Softly rounded edges and corners protect perishable products

Variety of Styles and Colors

Different color Omnicrates

Contact us today so we can match the correct OmniCrate for your application.