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Returnable Plastic Crate 64x19

Item No. 401119
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8.23" Returnable Plastic Crates are collapsible for easy storage
Dimensions: 24"x16"x8.23"
Weight: 4lbs
Gallons: 11
Load Capacity: 1.50cu ft

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  • Many customers use this size crate for heirloom tomatoes, peaches, and other smaller fruit.
  • Standard 24”x16” footprint
  • Collapsible walls reduce storage space required for empties
  • Ergonomically designed hand holds for maximum comfort
  • Quick release latches increase productivity
  • Ventilated side walls and bottom aids cooling and extends shelf life
  • Rigid vertical side walls increase functional storage space
  • One footprint with multiple heights allows for efficient packing. Please inquire about other heights

Easy to Collapse

Returnable Plastic Containers open and collapsed

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