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IBCs for the SnowGlobe Festival

IBCs at the SnowGlobe Festival

Typically, our intermediate bulk containers are used for the storage and shipping of liquid substances. They are often used in the chemical and agriculture industry.

However, a very different industry has found a unique use for the IBC’s. Recently, The SnowGlobe New Year’s Festival, based out of Lake Tahoe, used the IBC’s to creat a large synchronized lighting display.

About the SnowGlobe Festival

SnowGlove is a festival that combines dance music, ski/snowboarding, and a New Year’s Eve celebration into one. Attracting over 50 musical artists, SnowGlobe has built the reputation of being one of the coldest and most popular New Year’s dance festivals. While the music is blasting, you can take in the beautiful Lake Tahoe sights, while also viewing the amazing IBC lighting display.

Illuminated Intermediate Bulk Containers

Below is a highlight video of the SnowGlobe Festival. During the video, take note of the illuminated intermediate bulk containers. They are visible at the 20 second mark.


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