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TranPak Launches Their New Plastic Hopper Bin: The Cyclone

TranPak Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of the Cyclone plastic hopper bin. The Cyclone is the largest rotationally molded hopper bin, with the lowest cost per cubic foot, on the market and is built from food grade polyethylene to create a single piece double wall construction. It is specifically engineered without any ledges, crevices, or holes where particles can seep through or hang.

Cyclone Plastic Hopper Bin

In addition, the Cyclone’s 38.5 degree steep interior angle is ideal for providing adequate flow for even the smallest particles. The polyethylene slide gate regulates the size of the 8-inch opening in order to control the flow of the hopper. Small dosing can be achieved by adjusting the gate nearly shut and rapid flow is attained with the gate fully open.

The gate is sealed to the hopper by stainless steel construction and a food grade neoprene gasket, making it impossible for contamination to enter or exit the bottom of the hopper. Alternative gate designs for specific applications are available.

The Cyclone is currently in full production and orders are now being taken.

Contact TranPak directly by calling (800) 827-2474 or visit the Cyclone Hopper Bin page for more information.

TranPak (800) 827-2474

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