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Plastic Bins for any Application

TranPak provides a complete line of collapsible plastic bins, plastic field bins, and plastic insulated bins. Our bins are excellent tools for WIP inventories, long-term storage systems, closed loop applications and general bulk transport. Plastic Bins often yield surprising results for return on investment and cost reduction projects.

Factors to Consider

There are many factors to consider and be aware of when choosing the correct plastic bin. The dimensions are all external which means that the internal dimensions of the bins are a few inches less. Considering the product being packaged, the cost per cubic foot, and ease of handling is also important when matching the correct bin.

We can assist in your decision making process by tailoring a product analysis to see if a return on investment can be realized in your company’s financial structure. Please call (800) 827-2474 or email us and let TranPak help find the correct bin for you.

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Cyclone Plastic Hopper Bin From TranPak
Cyclone Plastic Hopper Bin Stacked on Macro 48S BinInside Cyclone Plastic Hopper Bin by TranPakCyclone Plastic Hopper Bins, Stacked And Ready To Ship
This plastic hopper bin is built from food grade polyethylene to create a single piece double wall construction. This allows for no ledges or openings where food or other products can seep or hang. This is ideal for food-grade, pharmaceutical, and small particle environments where contamination and cleanliness is extremely important. It has a 40 cubic foot capacity, which is more than 10% larger than other plastic hoppers on the market.
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Iso Collapsible Plastic Bin
Iso Plastic Bin - CollapsedIso Collapsible Plastic Bin in Black
Dimensions: 47"x45"x33.30
Weight: 105lbs
Gallons 211
Load Capacity: 28.20cu ft
Load Capacity: 2,000.00lbs

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