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Green Bean Pallet 71x59

Item No. CP-71x59-01
71"x59" Green Bean Plastic Pallet by TranPak Inc.
TranPak's 71"x59" Plastic Pallet Stacked and Ready to Ship
Dimensions: 71"x59"x6.00"
Weight: 92lbs
Qty per Stack: 18
Type: Reusable
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  • Most ideal pallet for transporting green beans to roasting plants
  • Built for strength and efficiency
  • FDA approved plastic pallet
  • No product loss caused by nails or splinters

“The TranPak pallets are a superior product. They are lighter, and more durable than any other alternative. No nails means no snags to our burlap sacks. Also, we no longer have to spend our time and money rebuilding wooden pallets after every coffee shipment arrives.” - Jarred Hamilton, Lead Roaster at Dutch Bros. Coffee

Overview of the 71"x59" Green Bean Plastic Pallet

In order to maximize the shipping and handling of green beans to roasters, TranPak developed the plastic Green Bean Pallet. This extremely durable plastic pallet is lighter than wood pallets, which allows for more beans to be shipped in a container to the roasting plant. The all-plastic construction allows for the elimination of product loss and cross contamination caused by nails and/or splinters.

Green Bean Pallet In Action at Dutch Bros. Coffee
Green Bean Pallet In Action at Dutch Bros. Coffee

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