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Nitro 48x40

Item No. 101032
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Plastic Nitro Export Pallet 48x40
Bottom of Plastic Nitro Export Pallet 48x40Stack of Plastic Nitro Export Pallets 48x40
Dimensions: 48"x40"x5.50"
Weight: 22lbs
Floor Capacity: 5,000
Fork Capacity: 3,000
Qty per Stack: 50

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  • Saves space and lowers freight costs
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Runners are available for stacking options


Overview of Nitro Export Pallet 48x40

The Nitro Export Pallet 48x40 is an excellent choice for one way shipments.

It holds a high weight capacity for a low cost and satisfies ISPM 15 requirements.

TranPak offers just in time availability on all our export and shipping pallets so contact us today and talk to an expert about your needs.

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