Intro – Why All Plastic Pallets Are Not Created Equal

Ultimate Plastic Pallet Guide

This is the introduction to our plastic pallet guide “Why All Plastic Pallets Are Not Created Equal,” where we walk you through the ins and outs of plastic pallets, and arm you with the information you need before you make your next pallet purchase!
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One of our toughest challenges at TranPak is organizing our pallets into categories that make sense for our customers. How could this be tough, you may ask? It’s because performance factors that customers look for in plastic pallets differ depending on the application.

There are a whole host of plastic resins, pallet designs and pallet forming processes that, depending on application, will perform better or worse. We strive to marry performance with cost so that our customers obtain maximum value for their pallets.

Mistakes Most Plastic Pallet Companies Make

Most plastic pallet companies online organize their pallets into design categories only. This is a mistake, because it misleads the customer into thinking that design alone is what makes plastic pallets different. But design is only a piece of the puzzle.

Allow TranPak to Give You the Full Picture

In this series, we’ll be walking you through the factors that make each pallet unique, and what you should look for when purchasing plastic pallets.

Plastic Pallet Guide

User Application
This is the single most important consideration when selecting a pallet. It’s the first question we ask our customers, so it’ll be the first topic we cover in our tutorial.
Pallet Materials
Here we’ll break down the differences between virgin resins and recycled resins. The distinction is crucial, and we’ll explain why.
Pallet Design
While this isn’t the end-all be-all factor to consider when buying plastic pallets, it’s still an important part of the process. We’ll go through the design considerations to make before you purchase.
Manufacturing Processes
Unlike wood pallets, there are many processes available to make plastic pallets. All have their costs and benefits, and we’ll be happy to explain them.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about plastic pallets!

Go to Part 1 in this series. Learn the first simple question TranPak asks to get closer to your pallet requirements.

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