55 Gallon Tight-Head Drum


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Item Number






Capacity (gallons)

55 gallons

Capacity (liters)

208 liters


19 lbs


  • Ideal for the safe packaging of liquid substances
  • High upper ring improves bung protection during transport and handling
  • Complies with FDA regulations for food and drugs, as well as UN certified
  • Great for handling caustic chemicals



55 Gallon Tight-Head Drum

The 55 Gallon Tight-Head Drum excels in providing a secure packaging solution for liquid substances. Its design, featuring a high upper ring, enhances bung protection during transport and handling, ensuring the integrity of the contents.

Compliant with FDA regulations for food and drugs, as well as UN certified, this drum adheres to rigorous standards of safety and quality.

Specifically well-suited for handling caustic chemicals, it stands as a reliable and compliant option for industries where the safe containment and transport of liquids, especially those with corrosive properties, are critical considerations.


Stacked 55 Gallon Tight Head Drums

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55 Gallon Tight-Head Drum

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