Corona 48×40


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Floor Capacity

5,000 lbs

Forklift Capacity

3,000 lbs

Racking Capacity



22 lbs

QTY Per Stack



HDPE/PP Recycled


  • Lowest cost distribution pallet on the market
  • Ships from our various warehouse locations: Madera, CA; St. Louis, MO; and Atlanta, GA
  • Nestable design for efficient return distribution
  • Extremely durable and impact resistant
  • Exempt from ISPM-15 regulations




Corona 48×40 Plastic Pallet

Nestable For Maximum Efficiency

The Corona 48×40 Pallet is an excellent choice for one-way shipments and distribution. It can easily handle heavier loads and is more durable than other low cost plastic pallets. The nestable design allows for maximum efficiency in a shipping container when empty.

Stronger and Better Impact Resistance

Unlike other low cost export plastic pallets, our Corona pallet is designed to be stronger, with better impact resistance against pallet jacks and forklifts. This allows for fewer pallets being damaged in transit, creating less compromised shipments in transit. The pallet is also more weather resistant, allowing to be stored outside, with fewer chances of pallets turning brittle and breaking.

Made From Higher Grade Plastic

Compared to other export plastic pallets, which are made from low-grade plastic resin, the Corona is made from higher-grade plastic PP/HDPE resin, insuring the pallet is much more durable compared to its counterparts. Our Corona is molded in-house, and is one of our pallets that sources plastic from our plastic pallet recycling program.

edge of corona pallet

In-Stock For Just In Time Delivery

Due to their popularity and demand, TranPak has these pallets in-stock for just in time delivery, all across the United States.

corona pallets stacked

Corona 48×40 Plastic Pallet

Contact TranPak today to learn more about this low cost export and distribution plastic pallet. You may also be interested in the Corona + Base 48×40 plastic pallet.

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Corona 48×40

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