OmniCrate – Full Vented


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Item Number









2.9 lbs

Load Capacity (lbs)

40 lbs

Load Capacity (ft3)

1.13 ft3

Load Capacity (in3)

1,952 in3


  • Fully ventilated side walls and bottom
  • Features a vented bottom and vented sides for air circulation and to keep products fresh
  • Various color availability and embossing options make identification and sorting of your crates easy
  • Nesting-ratio and footprint allow for efficient stacking and storage as well as use on standard pallets
  • Softly rounded edges and corners protect perishable products



OmniCrate Full Vented

The OmniCrate Full Vented is ideal for storing and transporting perishable goods.

Featuring ventilation throughout the sides and bottom, it optimizes air circulation to help maintain product freshness. This focus on airflow is complemented by softly rounded edges and corners that protect delicate produce.

The OmniCrate also prioritizes efficiency, with a nesting design that maximizes storage space and a footprint that allows for stacking on standard pallets.

For easy organization, it comes in a variety of colors and offers embossing options for clear identification and sorting.

The OmniCrate is a very well-rounded handheld crate that works well in a wide variety of industries and uses. Its durable design makes it one the most adaptable crates on the market.

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OmniCrate – Full Vented

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