Returnable Plastic Crate 64×26


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Item Number









4.89 lbs

Load Capacity (lbs)

44.09 lbs

Load Capacity (ft3)

1.9 ft3

Load Capacity (in3)

3,283 in3


  • Standard 600mm x 400mm footprint
  • Popular size crate for larger fruits and veggies, such as eggplants and potatoes
  • Ergonomic locking system
  • Collapsible walls reduce storage space required for empties
  • Ventilated to aid product cooling and extend shelf life



Returnable Plastic Crate 64×26

The Returnable Plastic Crate 64×26 features a standard 600mm x 400mm footprint, seamlessly integrating into established storage and transportation systems.

Widely recognized for its efficiency with larger fruits and vegetables, such as eggplants and potatoes, this crate is a popular choice in various industries. Equipped with an ergonomic locking system, it ensures secure containment during handling and transit.

The crate’s collapsible walls offer a practical advantage by reducing the storage space required for empties, optimizing storage efficiency.

Additionally, its ventilated design aids in product cooling, contributing to the extension of shelf life, making it a versatile and functional solution for perishable goods.

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Returnable Plastic Crate 64×26

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