Returnable Plastic Crate 6428


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Item Number









5.3 lbs

Load Capacity (lbs)

50 lbs

Load Capacity (ft3)

2.09 ft3

Load Capacity (in3)

3,621 in3


  • Many customers use this size crate for onions, potatoes, eggplants, and other large fruits/vegetables.
  • Standard 24”x16” footprint
  • Collapsible walls reduce storage space required for empties
  • Ergonomically designed hand holds for maximum comfort
  • Quick release latches increase productivity
  • Ventilated side walls and bottom aids cooling and extends shelf life
  • Rigid vertical side walls increase functional storage space
  • Available in different heights with same footprint for efficient packing



Returnable Plastic Crate 6428

The Returnable Plastic Crate 6428 is a popular choice among customers for efficiently storing and transporting larger fruits and vegetables like onions, potatoes, and eggplants.

With a standard 24”x16” footprint, it seamlessly integrates into common storage and transportation systems. The RPC 6428’s collapsible walls minimize storage space needed for empties, optimizing storage efficiency.

Ergonomically designed handholds ensure maximum comfort during handling, while quick-release latches contribute to increased productivity. Ventilated side walls and bottom enhance cooling, extending the shelf life of perishable contents.

The rigid vertical side walls of the crate maximize functional storage space, and its standard footprint design allows for efficient packing based on specific requirements.

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Returnable Plastic Crate 6428

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