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TranPak’s 2016 Christmas Potluck

TranPak's 2016 Christmas Potluck
It is once again that time of year. Where all of TranPak gathers for a Christmas potluck. Every year, we notice how much the TranPak family continues to grow. During this time, we love to give thanks to everyone involved in making TranPak the company it is today. With plenty of food and cheer to go around, we celebrate another wonderful year of growth, and look forward to what 2017 will bring.

Enough Food To Make Bellies Burst

As our company continues to grow, so does the amount of delicious food brought to the Christmas potlucks. In typical TranPak fashion, the arsenal of food included; barbeque chicken, carnitas, egg rolls, tomales, chile rellenos and much more. Of course, you can’t have all this food without some tasty side dishes, such as rice, salads, loaded potatoes, and an array of italian deli meats and cheeses. However, that is still not enough to quench the appetites of TranPak. That is why homemade and store bought cookies, along with blueberry cobbler was brought in, to make sure that all TranPak employees were ready to have their bellies burst.

Now if you think that after all this amazing food, TranPak closed for the rest of the day to recuperate, you would be mistaken. All of the employees were ready to get back to work. This how TranPak does business. With perseverance, passion, and full bellies.

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