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TranPak Safety Warriors

TranPak Safety Meeting

TranPak takes workplace safety very seriously. Our warehouse manager Steven Mora has made it his personal mission in ensuring that all of our employees are working as safely as possible. If there are any incidents on the job, no matter how small, TranPak will make sure the injured employee is well taken care of, with numerous first aid kits on site, and a workers compensation program to pay for all doctor/hospital visits.

TranPak Rewards Their Employees

After so much time with out any onsite accidents, TranPak likes to gather all warehouse employees for a safety meeting to discuss new safety measures, and to reward the employees with gift cards for their efforts in regards to workplace safety. We also like to award one of our employees the coveted title of “Safety Warrior”. This time around, Anthony Vales, was deemed our Safety Warrior. He had shown much improvement in regards to safety and a great attitude in the workplace.

TranPak Safety Meeting

Anthony Vales awarded as safety warrior


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