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TranPak Works With Local School For Video Promotion

TranPak recently welcomed local high school students from the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) in Clovis CA to produce the first in a line of educational videos focused on plastic material handling products.

Video Series

The common thread for the new series of videos will be school subjects that are familiar to all. For instance, the first video includes lessons in “Spelling,” “History” and “Science” while demonstrating the quality of TranPak’s product line and hopefully providing a chuckle or two.

Concept To Reality

Shot on location at TranPak’s headquarters in Fresno, CA, the students were given the task of taking a storyboard from concept to video reality. This meant that after filming, the students would edit the raw footage and then submit their final versions for judging.

A panel then chose the top five videos, and the winners received a gift card as a reward. In the end, the project provided students with a real-world experience in video production and editing.

On The Set

CART students working on-site at TranPak

Students from CART behind the scenes shooting the latest TranPak video.

Students posing with TranPak's Mega Bin

CART students posing with TranPak’s MegaBin.

TranPak would like to acknowledge and thank the students and professors from the Marketing and Advertising department of CART for all of their efforts and enthusiasm while working on this project.

Learn more about our MegaBin.

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