FAQ What is a Skid?
A skid is a single deck pallet
A skid is another term for a single deck pallet, which means it has a top deck but not a bottom deck. Examples of skids include nestable plastic pallets, which have top decks for placing goods onto and undersides that are molded so as to be stackable. This ability to be easily stackable for transport or storage purposes is a key benefit of nestable pallets as they can save you a lot of space and money. See a popular nestable pallet.
applications for skids
Skids or nestable pallets are perfect for certain applications such as distribution but not for others. For example, a skid may not be ideal for racking or conveying unless runners are fixed to the bottom or the design provides enough area on the underside. Also, as they are primarily suited for distribution, they may lack the strength and durability needed for more long term warehouse purposes. In these cases there are other pallet designs to consider.
nestable pallets are an example of skid


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