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We Manufacture and Stock a Variety of Plastic Pallets

Our pallets and skids come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you are shipping your pallets away (Export and Shipping), or keeping them in house as an investment (Warehouse and Reuse), TranPak provides you with superior products and prices at the best value. Our manufacturing capabilities provide the most flexible options and many custom-tailored solutions.

Featured Plastic Pallets

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TranPak's Innovation in Custom-Sized Plastic Pallets

TranPak stands at the forefront of innovation in the plastic pallet industry with its line of custom-sized pallets. Our commitment to meeting diverse customer needs has driven us to develop pallets tailored to specific dimensions. These custom solutions optimize space utilization, enhance load stability, and improve overall efficiency in transportation and storage. By using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, TranPak ensures that each custom-sized pallet delivers exceptional performance and durability.

Plastic Pallets Save Money

TranPak’s reusable stackable & rackable pallets provide an excellent return on investment (ROI). With an average lifespan of 150 cycles, our reusable pallets can easily achieve 15x the lifespan of your current wood option, saving you money over time.

Nestable pallets are designed to easily nest within each other when empty, allowing for more pallets in a shipping container compared to stackable pallets.

Reusable plastic pallets are 100% recyclable. Recycled material is used to make new pallets.

Advantages of Plastic Over Wood

Advantages of Plastic Pallets Vs Wood
Plastic pallets do not easily warp, shrink or splinter, and are usable in all climate conditions. They also eliminate product damage caused by screws, nails and fasteners in wood pallets.

Broken pieces of wood pallets can cause serious damages when run over by forklift operators and are a source of contamination.
A plastic pallet with a heavy duty design is more capable of longevity against forklift tong impacts compared to lesser quality wood alternatives.

As wood pallets need to be heat-treated and have proper paperwork in order for export shipping, plastic pallets are exempt from this according to ISPM-15, and are able to ship as is with no additional paperwork/credentials.

Clean and Hygienic

Plastic pallets provide hygienic solutions for food processing and clean room environments. They are easily cleaned via hot-wash, steam-cleaning, or chemical sanitization.

Plastic pallets eliminate contamination caused by wood chips, splinters, and nails.

They are also free of bugs, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens, and are exempt from ISPM-15 regulations.

Finally, pallets made from plastic have an aesthetic and uniform appearance benefiting applications where display and appearance are important.

Plastic Export Pallets Reduce Freight Costs

Our export & shipping pallets are up to 30 lbs lighter than wooden pallets, reducing your overall shipment weight and freight costs.

Nestable export pallets are 4X more space efficient than wood pallets, saving critical warehouse space and transportation costs.

Consider These Factors When Selecting a Plastic Pallet:

• Will you be shipping the pallet away without the chance of retrieval, or will you be reusing it multiple times?
• Single trip / export pallets are inexpensive pallets made of recycled material. Reusable pallets are durable assets made from virgin material.
• Are you replacing wood pallets too often? 
• How much weight will you place on the pallet?
• What type of packaging does the pallet interface with?
• What kind of equipment do you use?
• For rackable pallets, how much weight will the pallet hold while in racking?
• What type of pallet racking style do you have? See our FAQ for common storage racking styles.
• Do you have special equipment like palletizers, conveyors, robots, scanners, etc.?
• Do you need to satisfy USDA, FDA, or ISPM-15 regulations?
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