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Handheld Plastic Crates

returnable plastic crates
attached lid containers
agricultural crates

Handheld Plastic Crates and Containers for all Applications

TranPak Inc. stocks a wide variety of handheld plastic crates and containers. All are in stock and ready for delivery from our headquarters in Madera, CA or one of our distribution facilities in St. Louis, MO and Atlanta, GA.

Matched To Your Needs

The different types of crates we offer enable you to correctly match the conditions necessary for your product. TranPak stocks crates for your distribution, harvest, and processing needs.

For example, any product that needs proper storage may need to consider our attached lid containers. Products that need to be cooled, will require ventilated crates. The dimensions of your product must also be considered in order to choose the most appropriate crate or container. Many of our stackable harvest crates not only stack efficiently with produce inside, but can only also nest when empty, allowing for more space whey shipping and storage.

The good news is that we will personally help you get the exact crate or container that you need. Please call (800) 827-2474 or email us and let TranPak make it easy.
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