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Stackable Pallets and Rackable Pallets are designed for in-house and closed loop applications. Also known as warehouse plastic pallets, and reusable pallets, they are a valuable and important purchase for any operation considering long-term return on investment (ROI).

Reusable plastic pallets can provide great returns and streamline operations. Wood pallets have a typical lifecycle of 5 trips, while stackable/rackable plastic pallets can reach up to 100 trips in a lifecycle.

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Here at TranPak, we have the largest selection of stackable and rackable warehouse pallets and consistently outperform the competition in supplying the correct plastic pallet for your application. We test plastic pallets under many conditions to provide our customers with the highest value and maximum returns. Our TranPak representatives will work with you to match the correct plastic pallet for your specific needs.
Plastic pallets will improve your business with the correct pallet for your needs. If you want a better understanding of pallets to help your purchasing decisions, please read our Short Guide to Plastic Pallets.
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Our rackable plastic pallets are designed for operations where edge-racking is utilized. We perform racking tests in-house to ensure that pallets with a listed racking capacity will perform as intended. With pallets that need additional testing, we also partner with third-party testing facilities.

To withstand long-term-use, warehouse plastic pallets are designed to be more durable compared to plastic shipping pallets. Not all plastic pallets are made the same. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the durability of a plastic pallet. The overall design of the pallet along with the manufacturing process (injection, structural, thermoforming, etc) influence the overall stability of the pallet. We perform durability tests on all our reusable pallets to rate the level of durability between them.

Contact us today and one of our plastic pallet specialists can guide you through selecting the best rackable, stackable, and reusable plastic pallet for your needs.

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