MegaBin 200 Series


Additional information

Item Number

200 Series






36" - 48"

Load Capacity (ft3)

30.6" - 42.5"


  • 200 series include smooth bottom interior
  • Available in heights from 36” to 48”
  • Your company name can be molded or hot stamped into the bin for easy identification
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean
  • Extra thick corners and base resist impact and wear
  • Reinforced top edge adds strength and resists splitting
  • Lighter weight and less cost than stainless steel and much easier to handle
  • Nestable/stackable two-high with optional lid



Rotationally Molded Bins for Longevity

MegaBins are TranPak’s incredibly durable and versatile rotationally molded plastic bins. The 200 series MegaBins are a two-piece design. The bases are added after the molding process. This gives the bins a sanitary bottom on the inside as well as versatility in base options. Extremely Durable to Handle Super Heavy Loads

Built like a tank, the Mega Bin has satisfied many customers in the recycling industry, due to its high weight capacity and extreme durability. Whether its plastic, paper, scrap metal, glass, electronics, or other recycled materials, our Mega Bin offers you a great alternative for storage and shipping needs.

Below are two examples of how our MegaBin is being used in the recycling industry.

MegaBin 200 Series

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Due to their popularity and demand, TranPak has these products in-stock for just in time delivery, all across the United States.

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