Shuttle Bin 48x40x33 – Vented


Additional information

Item Number

304802-FV0D W








109 lbs

Load Capacity (lbs)

1,500 lbs

Load Capacity (ft3)

27.2 ft3

Load Capacity (gallons)

203 gallons

Load Capacity (liters)

770 liters


  • Hundreds of ventilation slots reduce heat absorption and help your products stay cool.
  • Lightweight design. (less than 110 lbs)
  • Easy to sanitize, smooth surfaces keep cleaning costs to a minimum.



Shuttle Bin 48x40x33 – Vented Collapsible Bin

The Vented Shuttle Bin 48x40x33 is an excellent choice for product storage and distribution. Featuring hundreds of ventilation slots, this bin excels at reducing heat absorption, ensuring your products remain cool and fresh during storage and transport.

Its lightweight design, weighing less than 110 lbs, makes it a practical choice for easy handling and transportation. Moreover, its smooth surfaces make sanitization a breeze, minimizing cleaning costs. This bin is a standout solution for those seeking a combination of efficient ventilation, lightweight convenience, and cost-effective maintenance in their storage operations.

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Shuttle Bin 48x40x33 – Vented

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