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TranPak Safety Warrior – John Valles

TranPak Safety Warrior John Valles
TranPak has once again chosen another employee as a Safety Warrior. This time around was John Valles. John has been recognized for his positive attitude and communication skills. He has shown in many occasions of being a team leader by encouraging others on the team and giving praise reports on certain individuals who are going beyond their duty.

Over Six Months Accident Free

As TranPak is continuing to grow, having a safe working environment is always a priority to our warehouse manager, Steven Mora. With over six months of no onsite accidents, he treated everyone to take-out food from one of our local restaurants as a reward. As stated in his speech to everyone in the company, his goal is to go over a year with no onsite accidents, and making sure that all employees go home exactly the same way they come to work.

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