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Wonder Valley Ranch Company Retreat

TranPak Team

TranPak closed its doors on November 16th, 2016 for a company-wide retreat located at Wonder Valley Ranch. At the retreat we participated in team building exercises, which included a ropes course, and blind canoeing. At the same time as having lots of fun, we learned more about each other, and how much we enjoy working as a team.

Blind Canoeing

One of the most enjoyable activities that required all of us to work on our communication, was the blind canoeing. Three participants would be in a canoe, while two of them are paddling blindfolded. They require communication from the third participant on the direction in which to paddle. Filled with belly busting laughter, we all learned how much we rely on good communication to get the job done.

Blind Canoeing Race
Ready to pose before canoeing

Ropes Course

The main agenda of the ropes course was to step out of your comfort zone. With zip lines, high balance beams, and rock climbing, the ropes course area became the outlet for encouragement and fun.

Christian Ueland rock climbing

Christian posing for the cameras after rock climbing

Nothing is Impossible for the TranPak Team

After the retreat, the whole team came back to work with the feeling that anything is possible when we work together. When there is a problem that needs a solution, as a team there is no wall too tall for us to climb over in order to solve it.

Group photo of the TranPak team



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