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Cyclone Hopper Bin

Item No. 325101
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Cyclone Plastic Hopper Bin From TranPak
Cyclone Plastic Hopper Bin Stacked on Macro 48S BinInside Cyclone Plastic Hopper Bin by TranPakCyclone Plastic Hopper Bins, Stacked And Ready To Ship
This plastic hopper bin is built from food grade polyethylene to create a single piece double wall construction. This allows for no ledges or openings where food or other products can seep or hang. This is ideal for food-grade, pharmaceutical, and small particle environments where contamination and cleanliness is extremely important. It has a 40 cubic foot capacity, which is more than 10% larger than other plastic hoppers on the market.
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  • Great for processing products in bulk such as: nuts, grains, beans, seeds, resins, powders and more
  • Single piece double wall construction
  • Easy to remove and clean slide gate
  • Base design allows 2-way forklift / pallet jack entry
  • Fully functional with Macro 48S Bin
  • Stacking lid option available

See the Cyclone Plastic Hopper Bin in Action

Built to maximize capacity, TranPak's Cyclone Hopper Bin has the lowest cost per cubic foot over any bulk plastic hopper on the market today.

To learn more about this exciting product, please contact TranPak. We are here to ensure you get the best bin for your needs.