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Snap Lock 48x40

Item No. 111172
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Snap Lock 48x40 plastic pallet for racking and FDA applications
Bottom of Snap Lock 48x40 plastic pallet for racking and FDA applicationsSnap Lock Plastic Pallets Stacked and Ready to Ship
Dimensions: 48"x40"x6.00"
Weight: 45lbs
Floor Capacity: 30,000
Fork Capacity: 4,000
Qty per Stack: 16
Racking Capacity: 2,000
Type: Rackable, FDA

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  • Great pallet for impact resistance
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • FDA approved plastic pallet

Overview of the Snap Lock Pallet

The Snap Lock is one the most versatile warehouse plastic pallets on the market. Built with great impact resistance the Snap Lock can handle years of abuse. With a flow through design, the pallet can be cleaned easily with out worry of contamination. The Snap Lock 48x40 is capable of edge racking 2,200 lbs, making it one of the stronger plastic pallets among its class.

Variety of Colors Available

Variety of Different Colored Snap Lock Plastic Pallets

SnapLock 48x40 Pallets in Different Colors

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