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Return - Reuse - Recycle

recycleing logo with ground plasticTranPak is fortunate to work within an industry that provides a sustainable product to businesses.  This sustainability comes with a responsibility by all members of our industry to maximize the benefits of plastic pallets and containers.  We see great returns for organizations that are serious about their purchases and control their assets.  On the other hand, if not treated correctly, a plastic pallet can become an expensive substitute to wood.

For these reasons, TranPak follows a simple step-by-step philosophy to guarantee long-term sustainability that benefits society.

Step 1 - Return

Always promote the return of plastic pallets and plastic bins to their rightful owners.  Many reusable pallets and bins are the "property of" a certain company that, for various reasons, has lost the article.  As TranPak collects used pallets and plastic materials for recycling, we strive to proactively return "property of" articles to their rightful owners.  We work directly with beverage distribution and pooling companies to return their assets when they end up outside of their controlled system.  In addition, we are careful to make sure our customers have the correct controls and procedures in place to effectively monitor their assets before advising on a returnable product.  The RETURN of plastic pallets offers the greatest benefit to society.   

Step 2 - Reuse

The incentive to recycle products that are still adequate for reuse is high.  Unfortunately, we see a lot of industry recycling products that are in reusable condition.  A product that can be reused is always of more social and economic value than a product that can be recycled.  The formation and distribution of those products comes at a tremendous energy cost: whether it's fuel to transport the products or electricity and water to form the products.  TranPak sources avenues to REUSE plastic pallets and containers whenever possible.

Step 3 - Recycle

We often say at TranPak that America's greatest resource today is post consumer and post-industrial waste.  We have enormous access to materials in landfills and at production plants across the country.  Plastic, metal, and corrugate waste is readily available for regeneration.  This material is very valuable and we should be using it domestically rather than abroad to produce products that are accepted by markets.  TranPak recycles and regenerates specific plastics for its proprietary line of plastic pallets.  In addition, we work with major recyclers nationwide to benefit our customer's removal of waste streams.  TranPak strives to RECYCLE out-of-service plastic pallets and containers.